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Chariots Speed Pipes Red Cars with Remote Control 20 Pieces – 022-2

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Pipeline auto track – Chariots Speed Pipes an original toy track of a tubular design. The track is assembled from plastic tubes of a smooth and rounded shape. The couplings reliably fix the route elements together, while at the same time allowing them to rotate freely. Thanks to this, you can rotate the route in any direction both at the assembly stage and already assembled. As a result of the assembly, you can get a huge variety of route options – you just need to be creative.
One of the smooth sections of the track has a window with a lid through which you can place the machine inside the looped track. After closing the lid of this window, you can run the machine inside the track without fear that it will fly out. If you have made a non-loop route, which has a beginning and an end, then the machine can be inserted into the open part of the end of the pipe.
Together with the car, you can launch a glowing ""nano-ball"" into the pipe of the track. Moving along with the car inside the transparent track, the ball glows with multi-colored ""sparkling"" lights, which creates a beautiful lighting effect. The luminous track looks especially beautiful in a dark room.

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Age 5 and above
Gender Boys
Brand Generic
Package Dimension 0 x 0 x 0 cm
Batteries 2x 1.5v AA
Barcode 6311115223098
Item Num. 022-2
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