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Ocean Fishing Toy Table Game Set – 852

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What is this game about? It is very intuitive and simple – place the batteries in the base of the table, place the fish in the holes provided for them and move the button on the side of the toy. Fishing rods in hand and ready! The fish spin, closing and opening their faces. The task of all players is to cleverly aim and catch the fish with the fishing rods, which are then placed in their pool. The winner is the player whose container will contain more colorful fish. The toy can be used by the child himself, but the game will be much more fun when siblings or friends join. To diversify the fun, you can divide into two teams, which will certainly bring a lot of excitement to the game, and teach children the rules of healthy competition.

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Age 3 and above
Gender Boys & Girls
Brand Generic
Package Dimension 0 x 0 x 0 cm
Batteries 3x 1.5v AA
Barcode 6464656025376
Item Num. 852

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