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Little Chef – Talented Chef Spraying Kitchen Toy Series 54 Pieces – WD-P31

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“Your child loves to spin with you in the kitchen while you cook, wash dishes and do housekeeping – then the game set Kitchen will be a wonderful and very useful gift for him.
Playing in the kitchen at the stove poses a serious danger to the health of young children, which is why exciting game sets were created that imitate kitchen appliances, making the game informative and fun.
The kitchen will be the perfect gift for your children, which will prepare them for adulthood, teach them how to use toy household appliances and contribute to the development of cleanliness, thriftiness and fine finger motor skills.
The toy is equipped with light and sound effects (illumination of burners and sounds of cooking).
The refrigerator, oven, microwave, cabinets open.
The new design takes into account all the wishes of customers:
– the height of the tabletop is increased by 10 cm (now it is 50 cm from the floor),
– the total height of the kitchen has been brought to 98 cm, and the recommended age of the child has been raised from 3-6 years to 4-10 years,
– the effect of “”Cold Steam”” can be used on any burner with any dishes (pan or pan).
Seven main “”highlights”” of this model of game kitchen
1) The effect of “”cold steam””, light and sound effects.
~10 ml of water can be poured into a special hole. Thanks to the built-in evaporator, an unusual effect of “”cold steam”” is created! Also, both burners are equipped with a light indication of the inclusion, imitating the “”burning of fire””. They have all the sound effects inherent in the “”real”” plate, including the sounds of boiling water and squirrel oil.
2) Tablet (touchscreen) with touch control.
The touch screen (touchscreen) has 30 different sound effects. On it you can turn on a phone call, listen to several children’s songs and funny melodies, learn to count to 10 and greet friends and girlfriends in English. And for comfortable listening, it has a useful function to adjust the volume of sound.
3) Water pump crane.
During the game, you can truly wash the dishes, serving items and products from the set: just pour 1 cup of water into the sink, and when you press a special button behind the tap, water begins to flow from it. Water can be poured into the kettle from a set of accessories, and then pour the “”tea”” into tea cups.
4) Hours for study.
These watches have real moving arrows and a stylish dial. With their help, you can set the time, control the period of cooking and the hours of eating. During the game, your baby will be able to acquire and consolidate the basic skills of determining the time using the dial of these hours.
5) Electro-filter.
The subject of household appliances, first entered the children’s set: electric “”steam filter. A special motor rotates the stand for three testicles (included in the kit). Rotation is accompanied by light and sound effects, add realism to the work of this kitchen accessory.
6) Disparate and composite products.
Halves of cut fruits and vegetables are fastened together by velcro textile “”Velcro”” and can be separated using a special knife from the set. In the process of cutting products, children develop fine motor skills, as well as gain skills in using kitchen appliances.
The set also has a tomato, consisting of 3 parts, and a composite hamburger. This hamburger is very similar to the real one: it allows you to combine a signature dish only from those “”products”” that the customer likes – mom, dad or favorite doll.
7) A set of accessories.
The kit includes a full set of kitchen accessories – 54 pieces! There is a pan and frying pan for cooking, a kettle with cups, several jars and bottles for sauces, spices and juice, plates and cutlery. And then there are a variety of products from which the young chef will be able to cook many dishes. The main thing – you do not need to buy anything!
Light and sound effects of the burners:
When turning the control handles of the burners, 2 types of “”cooking”” sounds are heard:
1 – the sound of “”plowing”” oil in a frying pan,
2 – the sound of “”gurgling”” of water in a saucepan.
When turning both handles, on the konfork begins to light a light bulb (imitation of “”burning””).
Touchpad sound effects:
When touching the corresponding buttons, beeps are heard:
1 – animal sounds with musical inserts,
2 – children’s songs and melodies,
3 – score from 1 to 10 (in English),
4 – popular pop songs,
5 – volume control,
6 – voice greetings,
7 – a phone call.
A total of 54 items are included”

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Age                                        3 years and above
Gender                                 Girls
Brand                                   Little Chef
Package Dimension        55 x 22 x 52 cm
Package Weight               4.96 KG
Batteries                             5x 1.5v AA
Barcode                               6622192815404
Item Num.                          WD-P31
Weight 4.96 kg
Dimensions 55 × 22 × 52 cm




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