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Children’s interactive Play Kitchen with Water and Steam 43 Pieces – 889-183

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Children’s interactive kitchen with water and accessories 889-183 72 cm will please the little hostess with excellent functionality! Suitable for small housewives who really want to learn how to cook like mothers.
Children’s play kitchen Home Kitchen with water (ref. 889-183) – a modern kitchen in stylish colors – with a hood, oven, refrigerator, shelves and the ability to steam and use real water!
The toy is equipped with light and sound effects (illumination of burners, sounds of cooking, sound of the fan of the hood, melodies).
Above the stove there is a counter imitating the hood, on which there are hooks for kitchen utensils, a shelf for spices, a basket for drying dishes and a control panel with buttons (on / off, melodies, fan).
On the side there is a built-in refrigerator with shelves, you can store food and ready meals in it.
The kitchen is equipped with a stove with two burners. On the panel there are buttons when pressed, which make the sounds of boiling water, cooking. To the left of the stove is a countertop for cutting products, to the right is a sink with a tap from which water flows. To do this, pour water into the sink and open the tap.
Under the stove is a shelf with transparent sliding doors, and under it is an oven, which also opens. Also under the sink there are round open shelves.
The set has a special board on which you can write down menus or recipes.

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Only 1 left in stock

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Age                                        3 years and above
Gender                                 Girls
Brand                                   Generic
Package Dimension        44 x 16 x 60 cm
Package Weight               2.48 KG
Product Dimension       52 x 24 x 72 cm
Batteries                             6x 1.5v AA
Barcode                               6622195508600
Item Num.                          889-183
Weight 2.48 kg
Dimensions 44 × 16 × 60 cm




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