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DollsWorld – Charlotte Blonde 36 cm – 8112

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Doll Charlotte is a classic baby doll with a height of 36 cm in a pink dress. The doll has a soft body, lively eyes with movable eyelids and chic thick hair for creating hairstyles.

The set includes a comb with a set of elastic bands.

For children from 18 months.

Over the past years, the popularity and demand for the category of classic dolls has been growing. We can safely say that the classic doll is back in fashion again. Modern little girls, like their mothers before, are again interested in toy babies that you can take care of, give them your affection, tenderness and thus feel like a little mummy. only the choice today is much richer and more diverse, today’s market offers a wide variety of classic dolls for every taste and wallet.

Psychologists say that dolls are important for the psycho-emotional development of children, they teach them to show their emotions, to be caring and loving. Dolls help prepare a child for adulthood, since playing with dolls is a model of relationships and behavior for a child in the future

Age                                        18 months and above
Gender                                 Girls
Brand                                   Peterkin
Package Dimension        41 x 25 x 11 cm
Batteries                             none
Barcode                               5018621081129
Item Num.                          8112
Dimensions 41 × 25 × 11 cm




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