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Accessories OG – Hospital Get Well Room

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Take super care of your 18 in / 46 cm dolls with the Our Generation Get Well Bed and realistic doctor accessories! Dress your doll in the hospital gown with the bracelet and have them rest on the adjustable bed -it easily elevates from flat to seated to keep your besties comfy. Which of your dolls has medical training? Play as the doctor by putting on the stethoscope to listen to your patient’s heartbeat, or test her reflexes with the cool reflex hammer! Wrap the leg cast around your doll’s foot and place it in the sling for extra support as she recovers. Don’t forget to fill out the forms to keep track of all the information – just like a real doctor does! After the checkup, keep the accessories neatly on the rolling service table and snuggle up under the comfy blanket for a speedy recovery!

Includes: 1 OG Get Well Room™ wall with functional lightbox, 1 hospital bed, 1 IV stand, 1 bed gallow, 1 IV bag with tube, 1 reflex hammer tool, 1 hanging clipboard, 1 bottle of medicine with dropper, 1 oxygen mask with tube, 1 sphygmomanometer, 1 stethoscope, 1 pulse oximeter, 1 syringe, 1 thermometer, 1 kidney dish, 1 bottle of ear medicine, 1 peroxide bottle, 1 hospital bracelet, 1 pen, 1 pair of medical shears, 1 blanket, 1 pillow, 1 bed mattress, 2 elastic bandages, 1 hospital gown, 1 medical mask, 1 pair of hospital slippers, 1 file folder, 5 medical forms, 5 patient forms, 2 X-rays, 1 call button cord and 1 instruction sheet.

Dolls and clothes sold separately.

Fits most 18 in /46 cm dolls.

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Age                                        5 and above
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