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My Happy Little Chef Kitchen with Color Change Fruits Vapor Spray – WD-P39

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Children’s play kitchen iGRAiKA “PRESTIGE” (turquoise color) – with the effect of “cold steam”, an electric egg cooker, a chalk board for the menu and the possibility of using real water!
Fourteen main “highlights” of this model of the game kitchen
1) Game egg cooker.
An item of household appliances recently included in the children’s kitchen set: an electric “steam” oviductor. A special motor rotates the stand for three testicles (included in the kit). The rotation is accompanied by light and sound effects that give realism to the work of this kitchen accessory. The testicles from the kit can be used separately when playing with the children’s kitchen.
2) Cold steam effect, light and sound effects.
You can pour ~40 ml of water into a special hole. Thanks to the built-in evaporator, an unusual “cold steam” effect is created! Both burners are equipped with a light indication of the inclusion, simulating the “burning of fire”. They have all the sound effects inherent in the “real” plate, including the sounds of “ignition”, boiling of water and crackling of oil.
3) Hood with light and music block.
The light and music unit of the hood has an imitation of the sound of the motor of a real kitchen air purifier.On it you can turn on multi-colored lighting, listen to several children’s songs and funny melodies. And for comfortable listening, it has a useful function to adjust the volume of the sound.
4) Dessert stand.
The elegant two-level counter on the left is designed to store various desserts. It is equipped with two shelves. Both shelves have a round shape with a wavy edging. On them you can lay out cakes with biscuits, or arrange dishes and food packages.
5) Trays for products.
The retractable container above the oven and the tray for the top shelf greatly expand the working space of this kitchen model. The trays themselves are made of transparent plastic, the lower one additionally has a convenient handle-notch. In these trays you can put fruits and vegetables from the set, or sweets.
6) Storage cabinet.
An additional cabinet above the hood imitates the closing shelf of a large kitchen set. It has transparent swing doors with hole handles and a fairly large usable area. In this cabinet you can put jars of jam, sandwiches and food packages.
7) Water pump tap.
During the game, you can really wash the dishes, serving items and products from the set: it is enough to pour 1-2 cups of water into the sink, and when you press a special button behind the tap – water begins to flow from it. Water can also be poured into the kettle from the set of accessories.
8) Drying near the sink.
To the left of the sink is a lattice dryer – just like in a real mother’s kitchen! In it you can put plates for drying or freshly washed fruits and vegetables. Drying is placed in a special recess. therefore, the water will drain back into the sink.
9) Flick-Flak for frying pan.
Special lever for flipping scrambled eggs that can be mounted on a skillet from the set. A sharp press on the swing – somersault mortale! — and our dish is browned on the reverse side. Uniform baking is the key to delicious and healthy food!
10) Seafood that changes color.
The set has seafood that changes the brightness of its color as they are “cooked” – crab, fish and sea kale. The intensity of the color changes during the change of temperature, regardless of the direction of its change – hot or colder. For example, you can pour room temperature water into a pan, put a fish and add a few ice cubes (or vice versa – hot water).
11) Chalk board.
A small but handy chalk board will allow you to write down today’s menu or the cost of the dishes served. And if the child does not yet know how to read or write – he can simply … draw!
12) Towel.
A real towel that can be used not only to wipe your hands or wipe plates, but also as a rag. To make the towel “always at hand” – on the right side, right next to the chalk board, there is a convenient hook for storing it.
13) Hours for training.
This watch has real moving hands and a stylish dial. With them, you can set the time, control the cooking period and the hours of meals. During the game, your baby will be able to get and consolidate the basic skills of determining the time using the dial of this watch.
14) Set of accessories.
The kit includes a huge set of kitchen accessories – 89 pieces! There is a pot and a frying pan for cooking, several jars and bottles for sauce, juice and milk, plates and cutlery. And there are also a variety of products from which a young chef can prepare many dishes. There are even sweets and a couple of cups for cola and soda. You do not need to buy anything!

Set of accessories (total 89 pieces*):
Special dishes – frying pan, pot and lid with special holes for “cold steam”.
Serving – fork, spoon and knife, 4 plates, 2 cups for coffee and soft drinks.
A set of dishes – a set of large cutlery for cooking, bottles and jars for spices and seasonings.
A set of products – sweets and biscuits, ready meals (sausages and scrambled eggs), ordinary vegetables and fruits, cut products.
Household appliances and individual items – an egg cooker, a towel, a chalk board, a set of crayons, containers for fruits and vegetables.
Light and sound effects of burners and egg cookers:
When turning the control knobs of the burners, 2 types of “cooking” sounds are heard, while the backlight bulbs begin to flash in time (imitation of “burning”):
1 – “ignition” of the burner, the sound of “grumbling” oil on the pan, the effect of “Cold Steam” begins to work (if enough water is poured),
2 – “ignition” of the burner, the sound of “gurgling” water in the pan, then the sound of “boiling”.
When you turn on the egg cooker, the stand under the testicles begins to spin, the backlight lights flash and the sound of the “gurgling” of water is heard.
Sound and light effects of the music block of the hood:
When you press the appropriate buttons, the sound / light signals are turned on:
1 – turning on and off the music unit, accompanied by music and light,
2 and 3 – music and children’s songs (in English).
4 – sound of the air purifier motor,
5 – volume control.
Use of water:
To start the game using water, you need to pour about 1-2 cups of clean tap water into the sink. When you press a special button behind the tap, a stream of water begins to flow from it. The water turnover is cyclical – that is, during the game there is no need to add additional portions of water to the sink.
(When you first turn on the pump, it may be necessary to eliminate the “air plug” formed due to the lack of water inside the hose. To do this, blow the system with water in any available way – syringe, pear, tube – through the drain hole of the sink.)

The playroom is made of durable safe ABS plastic. The size of the toy assembled is 92x70x30 cm, the height of the countertop is 46 cm. Completed with a block of bright stickers, packed in a beautiful box. Assembly instructions for this set are drawn from the bottom of the box. Sound and light effects of burners, the “cold steam” function, the light-music unit and the electric egg cooker work from 8 batteries type AA (LR6).

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