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WinFun – Side to Side Discovery Cube – 000715

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The educational cube is a great sensory toy that perfectly influences the development of even the youngest six-month-old children. Each of its walls offers the toddler an incredible amount of attractions and surprises, thanks to which learning will become a fascinating fun. The dice for children attracts attention and provides new sensations.
What is waiting for your little one? A book with fun stories that plays happy melodies when you turn the page, a rotating disc with colors, obstacle courses for your child’s three lovable friends (butterfly, ladybugs and bees) and rattles-fighting with smiling sea animals. The sensory cube also has five buttons with images of animals that activate sounds and colorful lights to further stimulate the imagination of your child!
Educational cube for children stimulates the senses (touch, sight, hearing) and comprehensively supports the development of the baby. Vivid colors, pleasant sounds and soft flashing lights engage the toddler’s attention and encourage play that can go on and on! Carefully designed shapes of moving elements have a positive effect on the child’s sense of touch and manual skills. What’s more, each of the walls helps to practice the senses of sight and hearing, and to develop imagination and logical thinking.
Bearing in mind the safety of the youngest, the Smily Play educational cube was made of the highest quality certified materials. In the activation cube, you can turn off the sound or set one of two volume modes. It is powered by 3 AA 1.5 V batteries – test batteries are included with the toy.

Age                                        6 months and above
Gender                                 Both
Brand                                   WinFun
Package Dimension        15 x 15 x 15 cm
Batteries                             none
Barcode                               4895038543362
Item Num.                          000715
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 15 cm


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